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Teen Suicide–A Mom’s Terror

April 23, 2021


By a Guest Blogger Yesterday, I left my 12 year old son at home to go for a walk. Just a quick 20 minutes around the block. When I came back home the house felt eerily quiet. I called my son’s name. No answer. I went back to the mud room. His shoes were there. […]

Teen Suicide–Mobile Phones Have a Clue

April 23, 2021


c Teen suicide–two words that should never appear next to each other. The alarming frequency of this terrifying occurrence has come to public attention during this pandemic. We tell ourselves: No surprise; it’s bad for teens to be stuck inside with parents and isolated from friends–the teen definition of hell. Let’s not kid ourselves. According […]

You Can’t Keep a Good Fiend Down: Exercise and Cancer–National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 2, 2015


If you’re starting to get the idea, after being subjected to posts like Running For Your Life: How I View Depression and Exercise and Of Bipolar Disorder, The Hippocampus, and The Return of the Exercise Fiend that I’m, well, an exercise fiend, who believes exercise can make just about anything better–you’re spot on. And if you’re […]

Who Owns the Overweight Problem: National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

September 2, 2015


Everybody worries about a chubby child.  Thin parents and overweight parents, especially those who suffered from fat-kid syndrome themselves.  Even Michelle Obama weighs in on this topic. Yet nobody knows what to do about it, except make September a National Child Obesity Awareness Month. Thanks a lot. One thing surely won’t work: a parent trying […]

‘A Fine Mess We’re In’: Majority of Cancer Preclinical Research Findings Not Replicable–Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September 1, 2015


‘The failure to win “the war on cancer” has been blamed on many factors, … But recently a new culprit has emerged: too many basic scientific discoveries… are wrong.’~C. Glenn Begley It’s nothing new. Over 3 decades ago the problem was well-known, as memorialized in the premier journal Science, in its article “Reevaluation of cancer data […]

National Cancer Survivors Day (June 2)

June 7, 2015


So today is National Cancer Survivors Day. This special day prompts 2 questions: 1. First–What does it mean to be a cancer survivor? 2. And, then, what’s the value of a special day? We understand what it means to be a survivor of a frightening or horrific public event: the Moore tornado, Hurricane Sandy, the […]

When the Oncologist Talks. . .Not Everybody Listens: National Cancer Survivor’s Day

June 1, 2015


Remember that old commercial? No, not the one where you should have had a V8. Or even the one where the voice croons to you, “And like a good neighbor. . .” and you can’t help but sing out, “Statefarm is there,” even though you’ve long ago switched to Progressive, since they really do have better […]

Quality Over Quantity?: It’s the Patient’s To Decide: Cancer Fatigue Awareness Day

April 7, 2015


I’ve got some men in my life who are seriously big eaters. Forces to be reckoned with. Hosting a barbecue for them requires much advanced planning–plus a significant financial outlay at the butcher’s. One’s on the Atkins Diet–again–and watching him down hot dog after hamburger at the last picnic was truly observing a feat. I actually […]

World Bipolar Day: the Birthdate of Vincent Van Gogh

March 30, 2015


After over a decade of – granted, very rocky – general stability, I suffered a mental health episode in my late 30s that both came as quite a shock to me and pretty much knocked me out of the playing field for quite some time. I had to cause recently to list a number of […]

Is fear of insomnia like fear of flying–exposure-response prevention for the sleepless? Part I National Sleep Awareness Week

March 2, 2015


  What are two major miseries of our well-off modern society?  Obesity and sleeplessness.  No surprise that they seem to be connected; looks like those who fail to get enough sleep are more likely to be overweight. They’re connected in another way: for some folks, no matter what they try, nothing is effective.  Behavioral treatments […]

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (Drug Awareness Week)

February 16, 2015


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in their paper “Policy Impact: Prescription Painkiller Overdoses,” declared prescription drug abuse “an epidemic” in the United States. By far the biggest factor in prescription drug abuse is an eruption in prescription painkiller abuse.  The shocking statistic provided by  the Department of Health and Human Services is that almost three of four […]

National Cancer Prevention Month: How’d We Get in This Cancer Research ‘Fine Mess’–and How Do We Get Out?

February 1, 2015


Remember C. Glenn Begley from “‘A Fine Mess We’re In’: Majority of Cancer Research Findings Not Replicable“? He made somewhat of a splash by asserting that the war on cancer is partially being lost due to sloppy research practices. Ring a bell? Here goes: The failure to win “the war on cancer” has been blamed […]