Candida Abrahamson

As a coach, mediator, and counselor since acquiring my Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 1984, I have been helping adults and adolescents through the particular struggles of our time: tension between couples, parenting frustration, blending new families, separation and divorce, (un)employment, cancer, and loss. Many individuals coming from abusive relationships reassert self-control and regain self-esteem.

My voice of reason and moderation guides people in shifting from fear and hopelessness to problem-solving and respect. When relationships, whether personal or professional, come to an impasse, mediation techniques help to ensure that each party will have his/her needs heard and accounted for in a dignified way. In addition to talking, listening, and reframing, I employ metaphor, active teaching, role-playing, visualization, and occasionally hypnotherapy. My clients seek these services in my office as well as by telephone, allowing a national and even international reach.

Visit my website at for more information about my practice.


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  1. I wanted to thank you for visiting my site and leaving an opinion. Feel free to stop back and comment.

  2. I’m enjoying reading over your posts…you have a very insightful way about you that tells me you’re someone who really loves what they do. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this info…looking forward to following you.

  3. Hello Candida, Thanks for leaving a comment on my personal blog, Peaceworks ( The piece on divorce mediation there was a cross-post from my professional mediation blog, Just Mediation ( I appreciate your making a connection! I think we must have similar philosophies. Although my background is in law, I prefer a conflict transformation orientation for mediation and conflict coaching. I only wish that we were closer geographically so that we could work collaboratively sometimes. Please check out the resources on my professional site, and I suggest we subscribe to each other’s posts. I’m especially interested to see what you’ve written about F. Systems in the mediation context. I hope I can also look forward to meeting you sometime at an AFCC or ACR conference.

  4. Hello,

    Does research support that a positive attitude assists healing? It always seemed to me that catastrophic illness happens at the cellular level and nutrition may have more impact than emotion/attitude. But on the other hand, people do die of broken hearts.

    I hope I haven’t crossed the line for free advice, ( smile ), for I can only pay in verse.

    • Paying in verse is quite acceptable if you’re not a client. Yes–research does indeed support the fact that a positive attitude facilitates healing. I like the topic enough that I hope to do a post about it within the week. Thanks for the idea.

    • You really inspired me with this question, and I’ve spent a considerable amount of time doing a literature search. The facts are there–a positive most definitely assists healing, and even helps people to live longer. I hope to publish the post tomorrow. No charge for that either–although a poem as payment is always welcome.

      • The mirror reflects only moonlight
        Though lined with finest silver
        It cannot see our hearts

  5. Lovely–truly exquisite. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Candida, thank you for liking EGO The Drivers Seat. Earlier this year you wrote me inquiring about The Jungle Pack Workbook. There is an introductory article on both the Jungle Pack blog and dpeacewrite211 blog. If you can’t get get to it please let me know. My cell number is 620-719-0488


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