“Staying Current With Bipolar” E-Paper

Posted on July 10, 2012 by


There’s actually a lot of quality material put out each day on the Web on bipolar disorder.

But I was just about abusing my computer’s bookmarking feature, what with saving the best sites, and then forgetting they were saved and re-saving them, and making folders for the sites that were like black holes–and then trying to open the missing bookmarks every day. This technique challenged an aging memory–and just about drove my computer ’round the bend.

So I put together a ‘paper,’ which required very little effort on my part except for typing in my e-mail address to register for a software that would create the thing for me–and then remembering where I’d bookmarked aforesaid sites.

Entitled Staying Current With Bipolar,” it collates the latest and best in blog and twitter publications on bipolar disorder.

I encourage you to check it out–and then subscribe, or at least look back from time to time, as content updates regularly (you could always bookmark it!).

Or you could bookmark each site, lose your bookmarks, re-bookmark them, find you’ve saved them 4 times, and generally waste hours of time in organizational mishkebabbles, the way I’ve done it up to now.

But I don’t recommend it.