National Cancer Survivors Day is June 3 (But The Time To Plan is NOW!)

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“Some people still think of cancer as a death sentence. But the fact is that more than 12 million cancer survivors are living – and thriving – in the United States today. National Cancer Survivors Day is an opportunity for everyone to . . . celebrate that there is life after cancer.” ~ National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation Spokesperson, Laura Schipp

Promoting the belief that the day is an “annual, worldwide Celebration of Life that is held in hundreds of communities,” the 25th Annual National Cancer Survivor’s Day (NCSD) planners are ready to rejoice in the gift of life, with an eye-catching website at that opens up the world of possibility in how to celebrate the special day.

You can:

  • Attend an event. Locating an event is as simple as contacting your cancer treatment center or hospital, or the American Cancer Society Office.
  • Sign up to receive e-mails and mailings that will keep you up to date, by downloading a form in [Word] or [PDF],
  • Buy something from the 2012 Official Merchandise Catalog–even though the deadline has passed–by calling (615) 794-3006, or
  • Most exciting of all, plan your own event. The thorough Event Planning Guide walks you through the steps you need to make this happen–and to register your event.

Want to take part, but not sure you fit the bill? Here’s how organizers define a ‘survivor':

The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation defines a “survivor” as anyone living with a history of cancer – from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life. National Cancer Survivors Day affords your community an opportunity to demonstrate that it has an active, productive cancer survivor population.

They’re a forward-looking bunch, and their press-release has already come out–read it in full.

You can find them and follow their planning in action on Twitter, at!/SurvivorsDay, or stop by and take a look on Facebook, at

A well-done post, Did You Know… The Facts About Cancer Survivorship?, is worth looking at, but just for some highlights:

  • 80% of people return to work after a cancer diagnosis.
  • One in every seven survivors were diagnosed over 20 years ago.
  • There are an estimated 11 million cancer survivors living in the United States today.
  • [I'm sneaking one in my own--don't look for it in the piece: Overall death rates from cancer have decreased by 23% for men and 15% for women between 1991 and 2008, according to the American Cancer Society's annual report.]
  • There were a mere 3 million cancer survivors in 1971.

And today over 12 million want to celebrate–with you!

Poster promoting early diagnosis and treatment...

I leave you to it–and to start making plans–Today!