Fantasy vs. Reality in Long-Term Relationships

Posted on February 20, 2012 by


Well, I’ve talked myself out for the moment on the topic of mediation, but thought it might help us to take about 10 giant-“Mother-May-I” steps backwards–to the time when you looked at your to-be-spouse and saw only potential, positivity–and here’s the scary one–perfection.

Have you ever found yourself believing your partner to be perfect, in that first blush of romance–only to found out s/he was somewhat less than  a paragon of all things good in life–and perhaps even more difficult or damaged than you had bargained for?

Take the time to honestly answer these questions (there’s no place to send in your answers, and no one will ever know your score), and, as you do so, try to picture what your partner’s ‘curiosities’ could look like down the road, if you’re not alert to potential problems.

–and no cheating now!